Studies show a connection between Martial Arts and opening pathways building communication between the old and new brain, utilizing the physical and mental (dual task) exercising. All training within Lazor Therapeutic Martial Arts is a dual task function, exercising with a purpose! The perfect blend to open these pathways.

While learning and promoting through an American Taekwondo Ten Belt ranking system, students can earn their Black Belt at their own pace. The physical benefits of Therapeutic Martial Arts are Strength Training, Physical Conditioning, Aerobic Exercise, Static and Dynamic Stretching (Yoga and some Tai Chi), and greatly Improved Coordination. The mental benefits include Breathing exercises and Meditation (helping provide a sense of calm to reduce stress), Self-Respect/Respect for Others, Impulse Control, Self-Discipline, Persistence, Integrity, Leadership, Team Work, Executive Functioning skills and Socialization. Therapeutic Martial Arts is a Whole Body and Mind experience to help all become the best they can be.

At each belt rank students will break boards; this ceremony helps students to overcome their fears and build confidence. The board isn’t looked at as much about technique and power but as a symbol of breaking through barriers in their lives.

Students can receive rewards very similar to an ABA system, which include patches and stripes for achievements in their current belt level but also for behavior incentives, community service, helping at home, team work and leadership. Games are a part of the lessons, they are mental and physical and include team building, executive functioning, problem solving and help make learning fun.

Socialization between peers during class is encouraged to build trust and create friendships. Students are also encouraged to assist one another in learning and problem solving. Higher ranked students can also obtain rank of Assistant Instructor and are encouraged to work and mentor younger students.
Students can participate in competitions and demonstrations to help build skills like good sportsmanship and self-confidence as well as enforcing executive functioning, leadership, speaking and performing in front of small and large groups.

Students can also participate in Community Service events as a team to promote not only team work but a sense of purpose, self-worth, increased self-confidence. Community Service helps counteract the effects of anxiety, stress and anger.

Teaching mindfulness of our thoughts

and our actions

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