Originally, the idea of my son taking martial arts was a scary one. I was terribly afraid he would become more violent, and unbearable to manage at home. What happened was quite the opposite. In fact, Sensei Lazor went above and beyond her duties as his instructor. My son had HORRIBLE balance issues. On top of that, he needed physical therapy. Sensei Lazor saw my son's needs and adapted her instruction to not only include him in the entire class, she helped teach him how to gain the much needed strength and balance he needs. Then there is the issue for which this is intended. Behavior Modification. My son, who is autistic, has frequent outbursts of anger and aggression. This style of martial arts was developed to instill calming techniques for children like him, so that he can maintain throughout his school day and out in the world when things got too chaotic for him. With Sensei Lazor’s instruction, my son has had less frequent outbursts. I see him get frustrated, and he will either begin meditation, (which she taught him) or he goes outside and practices his katas. Once Sensei opened her own Dojo, we signed right up! I fully recommend Sensei Lazor and her Therapeutic Martial Arts.


Kristina Jewell

My son was only in your class for one year but in that year he grew up in so many ways!!! He learned what hard work and dedication can bring, about being a team player, about responsibility and striving for success and excellence!!! He looked forward to everyday that he got to spend in your class. Even though he was scared at first to do the martial art tournament, when he did participate he had more confidence in himself and what he was capable of doing and achieving!!! I can't be more proud of the growth both physically and emotionally he achieved in the short time with you as his sensei!!! Morgan really looks up to you!!! .....


Chelsea Bodmer

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